Monday, October 18, 2010


Mother is the special person in my live. She given birth me at this world at 19 January 1991. She always takes care about me and we are like best friends because we share everything about our self. When I under the weather my mother really worried and ask my brother to take me to the clinic. She also not sleeps to care me. Thanks for everything mom. I love u so much!!

As a teenager, I like to follow up the latest fashion. I will buy a magazine or search through internet about new fashion. If I go out, I will at least buy something new like shoes, dress, jeans, and accessories and will make sure that the fashion is suitable for me.

I love to watch movie and if any new movie release I will make sure that I watch that movie. If the movie can attract me, I will suggest to my family or member.

I am a shopping lover. Every time I go out, I will buy something that makes me want to get it. I am able to save my many to get that thing such as new handbag.

I really addicted with internet. Every day, after class or during my free time I will surf the internet such as facebook. I do not know why but I will do it every day.

I really excited when I got new nephew or niece. I love to kiss them and touch them.

I love music so much. Everyday will listening to all latest music to release my tension and I like to volume up my music. I also like to listening catchy music.

Anywhere I go, I like to take a picture because I am a camera lover. I also take picture with my friends and my family. It is a valuable thing that I have. When I miss them I start to look all the pictures that I save in my laptop.

I like to eat and I will eat many times every day. When I at home, I will eat and eat because I love my mother’s cooking. Other than that I like to eat fast food too especially Mc Donald’s.

Hand phone is one of the important gadgets in my life. Without hand phone I cannot contact with everyone in addition when an emergency case.

I love to talk with everyone. It can make me feel good when I am under a stress or boring. I will talk about many things such as about newest fashion in our country.

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