Monday, October 18, 2010


I really dislike people who are like to mad another people and act serious like I do a big mistake to them because I am a happy go lucky person. I like happening surroundings because it wills me make me cheer up and happy.

I do not care if someone wants to borrow my things. I just want them to take care it like they care about their own things. Other than that, I will get mad if my things ruined because I will care all my things like I care myself.

I really hate smoker because cigarette smoke would make me cough and discomfort. Besides that, my hair and my clothes will stink. So every time I go out, I will make sure that I did not approach the people who smoke. At home, I will make sure that my brother did not smoke near me and our family members and thank God because he does respect us.

Since primary school, I really do not like mathematics because to me mathematics is too hard to understand. I also do not like the working way to resolve questions.

I hate people who like to think they are good then others. Everyone will do a mistake and nobody perfect so please do not judge other people because of their mistake. If any problem, try to discuss and apologize them. This is better than fighting because we know which one is good and bad. We also can think the way to solve the problem.

Today has many fashions in our country. Like we can see teenagers like to dress up like Japanese and Korean people. We can wear anything that we want but please make sure the fashion suitable to our self and does not seem strange to public or we will be condemned by the people because our weird fashion.

If someone wants to hang out with me, I will make sure that people punctual at the time because I did not like to wait too long time. My mood will be lost and I start to mad for a whole day and I will did not care about people around me.

As we know, right now too many cases involved girl and woman. Why man cannot think more than once before do something that can make that woman suffer for their whole life. As the example is snatch theft. Sometimes it will bring death. If the woman has been married and have children, the family will suffer because they have lost people that they really love. The theft should imagine if this thing happens to their family member or their wife. They will suffer too.

I hate when I look my room mess up. It will make me uncomfortable and I will arrange my room as well until I satisfied.

I hate when someone ask me to do many things at one time. If want me do the things please make sure that I free and not do others things.


Mother is the special person in my live. She given birth me at this world at 19 January 1991. She always takes care about me and we are like best friends because we share everything about our self. When I under the weather my mother really worried and ask my brother to take me to the clinic. She also not sleeps to care me. Thanks for everything mom. I love u so much!!

As a teenager, I like to follow up the latest fashion. I will buy a magazine or search through internet about new fashion. If I go out, I will at least buy something new like shoes, dress, jeans, and accessories and will make sure that the fashion is suitable for me.

I love to watch movie and if any new movie release I will make sure that I watch that movie. If the movie can attract me, I will suggest to my family or member.

I am a shopping lover. Every time I go out, I will buy something that makes me want to get it. I am able to save my many to get that thing such as new handbag.

I really addicted with internet. Every day, after class or during my free time I will surf the internet such as facebook. I do not know why but I will do it every day.

I really excited when I got new nephew or niece. I love to kiss them and touch them.

I love music so much. Everyday will listening to all latest music to release my tension and I like to volume up my music. I also like to listening catchy music.

Anywhere I go, I like to take a picture because I am a camera lover. I also take picture with my friends and my family. It is a valuable thing that I have. When I miss them I start to look all the pictures that I save in my laptop.

I like to eat and I will eat many times every day. When I at home, I will eat and eat because I love my mother’s cooking. Other than that I like to eat fast food too especially Mc Donald’s.

Hand phone is one of the important gadgets in my life. Without hand phone I cannot contact with everyone in addition when an emergency case.

I love to talk with everyone. It can make me feel good when I am under a stress or boring. I will talk about many things such as about newest fashion in our country.


Year 2009 is the first time I fasting at uiTm. It is one of the memories that I never forget because for the first time I have to wake up myself to sahur. If at home my mom will wake up me to sahur with family but here I sahur with my roommates. At the beginning I feel sad but lastly I can practice myself.

Around 5 p.m. I will go to the bazaar ramadhan with my roommates or my friends and we will break fast together. I will buy some food and water for my break fast. I also will share my food and my water with my friends.
Thanks to God because this year is the second year I fasting at here. I really happy and wake up for sahur around 4.40 a.m. but I just drink some plain water and some seeds of kurma to base my stomach. Sometimes I eat a few slices of bread.

One week before Eid, I back to home and I get to sahur and break fast with my family. Every evening around 5 o’clock I will help my mother cook for our break fast and around 6 p.m. I and my sister will go to the bazaar ramadhan to buy some kuih-muih.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My Roommates

This semester i have stay in room that have four students including me. All my roommate came from variuos course and part. They all very kind and easy going. Two of them are senior that are in part five and another one is junior that is pre-diploma student. I must stay with them for four months until semester break.

Firstly, i want to introduce my senior Nabila Huda Binti Senin came from Melaka. She make a diploma in business study in part five . She is very small and cute like 17 years old. Like watching a korean movie and able to sleep late because the korean movie but she still conscious her study even she loves to watching korean.

Secondly, Wan Nurafifah Binti Wan Mohd Kamal and came from Kuala Lumpur. She doing diploma in banking in part five. She was quite friendly and talkative. Like to surf internet and love to hear songs especially english songs. Other than that, she also loves to watching a movie. Unfortunately, she is not strong because the antibodies often fever, cough and colds. I feel pity when see him lying in poor condition.

Lastly, Nuralifa Binti Mohd came from kota Tinggi, Johor. She is pre-diploma student. I saw she very quiet and like to withdrawn. If have free time, she like to study or sleep. Sometimes i feel like want to chat with her but i dont know how to start because when i asked she just answer with single word. Finally, i silent and not asked anything to her.

Eventhough my roommate has their own character, i am grateful to have good-hearted roommate and really understanding. I can do whatever i want to do without protest from them.

Being A Senior

This third semester i become a senior because i have a junior under me that is part one and part two. This semester also have pra- diploma student. They just study at uiTm Segamat about one semester. In my opinion, my junior have multiplicity. there was a kind-hearted and always smiling.There is also a less friendly and did not want talk to others. Actually, we cannot being like that because people will think that we are arrogant but to me it’s okay because they still new here and still not familiar with surrounding environment.

Now i have pra-diploma roommate. She really quiet and rarely talk with me and another roommate. I had been seen she at atm bank and she is very friendly with her friends. She look like have a two character but i know she still cannot familiarize her self. She just ask something that she want to know and another thing she like to study or go to her friends rooms. One thing i like about this girl is she like to smile.

When being a senior, junior start know about us like what course we take. Some junior like to chat with me and want to know all things about me. I just share any information and advice them to study, take care thier self and dont be arrogant to people because this is not our place so we need to cooperate with all people and please do respect our senior because they old people here and they know about this place or about study very well then junior.

In my opinion, if we know the senior, they will help us when we have a problem. Like my experience, last semester my senior always help me do my assignment. She also share information that i need to complete my assignment. She very kind-hearted and i love her like my real my sister. When i sick, my senior will care and act like nurse to me because she will buy food for me and give my medicine.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My Subjects This Semester

This semester is my third semester at UiTM segamat and I need to take about seven subjects. First of all, I would like to tell about the subject that I take that are IMD 201, IMD 202, IMD 203, IMD 255, CTU, BELL 311, and HBU 132.

Firstly, IMD 201 that are stand for Access To Information. My lecturer for this subject is Mr Mohd Pahmi Bin Ismail. To me, this subject is quite interesting because I have to learn about cataloging, acquisition, APA and MLA style and so on. I really happy learn more about this subject because I also heard about library that I never heard before. Other than that, this subject also teach me about bibliographic and the example are like national bibliographic control, bibliographic utility, and many more. I aspect that I cannot bring this subject because it look like so hard but I think positive and will try to do the best for this subject. This subject has 3 credit hours that I need to full it.

Secondly, is IMD 202 that are stand for Promotion of Information Product and Services. These subjects are taught by Puan. Nor Rashidah Binti Mohamed. In this subject, I learn about promotion and I like the way she taught me and my classmate. Actually, this subject is the one of difficult subject has three credit hours. I like to learn more about this subject.

Thirdly, IMD 203 that stand for Support Services and Maintenance. These subjects are taught by Miss Nuur-Ila Binti Mohd Kamal. She is very funny and never stops to explain for my class with her. This subjects interesting because I learned about software inside the PC. Last Monday, she was taught my class how to remove and install the CPU components. I and my team can do it easily and I really enjoy with this class. This subject has three credit hours and I hope that I can score for this subject.

Fourthly, IMD 255 that are stand for Technical Support and Services in Information Agencies. My lectures for this subject are Mrs. Nor Diana Binti Abdul Rahman. I like this subject because I learn how to order and cancel books for library. She like to ask a question to my class and will explain and explain until my class understands. Actually, this subject is quite difficult and I have to study more about this subject. This subject has three credit hours that I have to full it.

Other than that, I have to learn about BEL 311 that stand for English Academic for Purposes. These subjects are taught by Mr. Izuan Bin Ismail. I like the way he taught my class because he likes to give my class many examples and ask my class to try answer the question and always correct our mistakes. I really hope that I can do better for this subject compared with last semester. This subject has three credit hours. In this subject, I learn how to do APA for books, magazine, and article. Next is CTU that stand for Islamic Information Management. My lecturers for this subject are Mr. Saidin Bin Wan Ismail. This subject quite easy because quietly close my religion. I like this subject and I like the way my lecturer teach us. These subjects only have two credit hours and I need to achieve my score.

Lastly is HBU 132 that stand for civil defense. My coach for this subject is Mr. Shukor Bin Das. I like this subject because I learn how to rescue victims of accidents or disaster and how to drill. This subject has one credit hour.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


i'm shahiera and i want to share with you all about what i feel during the new semester at uitm Segamat..